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The Transformation is Complete!

In 2008, Black Knight unveiled the world’s first practical and transportable badminton machine: the Knight Trainer. This revolutionary device changed forever how players can learn and train, and how coaches teach.

Now Black Knight revolutionizes the revolution by introducing the incredible Knight Trainer Pro [patent pending]. In development for over 5 years, the Knight Trainer Pro will soon be ready for you.

“Incredible” may seem dramatic, but let’s see what makes the Knight Trainer Pro so amazing, and then decide for yourself.

• The Knight Trainer Pro will automatically change direction, angle, speed and timing while feeding up to 250 shuttles. It is completely programmable with the included tablet computer.

• Imagine the fun of creating training drills – customized for each student, and saved to the computer for easy access the next time. Personalized and targeted training is a click away!

• Imagine watching a rally from the World Championships and programming that sequence into the Knight Trainer Pro to replicate all the placements? Now you can!

• Simply set the height (from 137 cm to 213 cm (54” to 84”)), choose the Knight Trainer Pro’s location on the court, and then use the tablet to easily program and save as many different shots as you wish from that location – different kinds of smashes, drives, clears, drops, net shots, short serves and long serves.

• Select from among those shots to create a playlist of 1 to 250 shots – whether as a drill or as a point simulation.

• Loop your playlist to repeat as many times as you want in sequence or randomly. The Knight Trainer Pro will automatically make all the changes to feed your shots continuously.

• Save the same drill with different levels of difficulty. Next time you use the Knight Trainer Pro, set the height, choose the position on the court and open and run one of your saved drills.

The possibilities for you and the Knight Trainer Pro are endless and right at your finger tips. There is a saying that really drives home the importance of The Knight Trainer Pro: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Perfect your practice and perfect your badminton. Email us to find out more about getting the Knight Trainer Pro for yourself. Please let us know your club or school, city and country.

Black Knight’s original Knight Trainer (2008) was the world’s first practical badminton machine. The 2018 Knight Trainer Pro is far more advanced, with unique control features and versatility.

Capable of feeding smashes, drives, clears, drops, short and long serves in continuous sequences of up to 250 shots before refilling, the Knight Trainer Pro is fully programmable and more powerful and precise than ever. It challenges players by hitting your programmed target locations and blasts out shuttles as per your instructions.

The Knight Trainer Pro will launch soon!

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